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EER Type Cord Reel
 We are the leading wholesale distributor of EER Type Cord Reel.


Model Cable   Maximum Capacity Weight (kg) Remark
Cable Specifications L(M) Max (VXA)
ALE-210N VCTF-1.5 SQX3C, Outlet 10 220VX10A 7.8 For Indoor
ALE-215N VCTF-1.5 SQX3C, Outlet 15 220VX10A 8.5 For Indoor
ALE-220N VCTF-1.5 SQX3C, Outlet 20 220VX10A 9.3 For Indoor
ALE-230N VCTF-1.5 SQX3C, Outlet 30 220VX15A 10 For Indoor
ALE-310N VCTF-2.5 SQX3C, Outlet 10 220VX10A 9 For Indoor
ALE-210NL VCTF-1.5 SQX3C, Halogen Light 10 220VX10A 7.9 For Indoor
ALE-215NL VCTF-1.5 SQX3C, Halogen Light 15 220VX10A 8.7 For Indoor
ALE-220NL VCTF-1.5 SQX3C, Halogen Light 20 220VX10A 9.7 For Indoor


Application Industrial, Domestic
Material Stainless Steel. Rubber
Packaging Type Box
Color Grey
Length 10 m to 30 m