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Mining Hoses

The Mining Hoses is made in the framework and the plastic cloth. It is capable to endure high temperature, acid, alkali and is flame resistant. It is easy to turn and to connect and convenient to shape. It is extensively used in the construction, mining tunnels, in bad air environment conditions and in industry as general purpose duct hose.


  • The self governed and increase diameter

  • The metal ring

  • The saffron plastics PVC cloth

  • The black PVC steel wire

  • The nozzle trussing with rope (with buckle)

Flexible ducts are packed in compressed form in variety of lengths with plain end or as assemblies with special fittings attached to either or both ends.

Diameters generally range from 2” (50mm) to 60” (150mm). Most flexible ducts are slightly oversized in diameter to fit over standards sheet metal fittings.

Color Yellow
Material 18 oz/sq yd polyester reinforced PVC fabric and insulation
Flame Resistant Per UL94VTM-O Test Methods
Temperature Range 20F to 200F (-29C to 93C)
Max Air Pressure 55"(1400mm) water gauge