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Fully Conductive/Anti-Static PFA Lined Chemical Hoses

These fully conductive PFA chemical hoses are specifically designed to handle cosmetic, pharmaceutical and highly flammable chemical products in areas where maximum safety is required. Highly durable and reliable, these are acknowledged for low-friction rate and abrasion & chemical resistance.

  • Universal hoses “Full Ohm” specifically designed to handle cosmetic pharmaceutical and highly flammable chemical products in working areas requiring maximum safety.

  • Engineered to ensure the dissipation of electrostatic currents not only superficially, but also through the hose wall (Resistivity : <10)

  • Fluorinated, ultra smooth, inert liner of the newest generation ensuring utmost degree of impermeability, resistance to dynamic stress and hygienic delivery of the medium.

Construction Tube:

  • PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy Polymer), fully fluorinated, smooth, mirror-like, black antistatic and patented quality. It guarantees no pick-up of taste and odour.

  • Excellent flex-performance (resistance to repeated cycles of bending in accordance with ASTM D 2176.

  • Utmost chemical and temperature resistance.

  • For foodstuff contact : material complying with USA Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act Title 21 P.177.1550 (FDA) and meeting US Pharmacopeia (USP 23 Class VI).

  • Electrostatic dissipation acc. To EN 12115 and EN 50014/IEC 60079-0.

Reinforcement: High strength plies of synthetic cord, embedded steel wire helix and built-in copper wires to ensure the dissipation of static electricity.

Cover:  Marble finish, patented, fully smooth, offering the following benefits :

  • Electrostatic dissipation acc, to EN 12115 and EN 50014/IEC 60079-0.

  • Abrasion resistance acc. To ISO 6945 and SAE J 2006.

  • Low-friction rate during dragging operation, which appreciably improves the handling especially when the hose is full.

  • Non-training of contact surface.

  • Food validation sec to FDA Title 21 P. 177 2600 (E,F).

  • A very smooth outer which is easily washable with any detergent products.

  • Utmost chemical resistance in case of accidental contact with the aggressive chemical conveyed in the hose.

Temperature Range:

  • From -40°C up to 150°C (depending on products and concentrations). In case of dynamic application : from 10°C up to 60°C acc, to fluids.

  • Disinfection with chemical and steam up to 164°C for a maximum time of 20 minutes (both inside and outside).

Tollerange Dimensional: Diameter : ISO 1307- Length : ISO 1307 – Wall Thickness : DIN 7715 T4 S2


Color Black, white
Single Hose Length 1m-6m, 6m-12m, 12m-20m, 20m-30m
Size 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch
Temperature Range From -40 degree C up to 150 degree C
Safety Factor More Than 4 times working pressure