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Electrically Conductive/Anti-Static Polyurethane Hoses

We offer Electrically Conductive Polyurethane Hoses. Used in areas liable to contain explosive mixtures (explosion protection), we are offering VEC P.E. antistatic hoses and electrically conductive hoses. These have smooth interior, optimized flow properties and are also flexible in nature. Following are some of the essential applications, properties and other technical aspects of our products.

  • For aggressive solids such as dust, powder, fibers, chips and granulates

  • For aggressive gaseous and liquid media

  • For vacuum cleaners, conveying systems, blowers and compressors.


  • Electrical and surface resistance <10¢XƒÇ

  • Medium-heavy model

  • Good resistance to mineral oils

  • Good resistance to alkails and acids

  • Extremely good resistance to chemicals

  • Small being radius

  • King-proof

  • Free of softener and halogen

  • Gas and liquid tight

  • Conforms to the requirement 5s of the European ATEX guideline

  • Conform to RoHS guideline

  • Capable of electro-static discharge (according to BGR 132, formerly ZH 1/200) by grounding the spiral.


Color Black
Nominal Size 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch
Type Vacuum Hose Pipe
unit Length 6m
Material Polyurethene