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Cleaning Gun/Water Saver Nozzle

Applications: Suitable for hot / cold water wash down CIP & cleaning jobs with option of two spray actions-cone & jet spray. Highly efficient in saving water while performing cleaning jobs in food, pharmaceutical, dairy & milk plants, breweries, chemical, meat and poultry processing industries, big kitchens and canteens, mess etc.
Other Details:

  • Adjustable spray pattern from cone to jet with manual adjuster at the back

  • Hose connects at the base of gun for easy operations

  • ½” swivel hose connector to rotate gun at 360 degrees without moving the hose

  • Blue rubber insulation cover to protect from thermal shock while using hot water as well as protection from damages due to accidental fall

FDA certified hose suitable for working temperature of 164 degrees and working pressure of 20 bar suitable for above gun is available. Hose length up to 40 meters can be fitted with the gun and supplied along with the gun for efficient working.


Flow capacity 25 liters/ min at 72 psi
Maximum operating pressure 362 psi
Hose length Up To 40 Meters
Color Blue
Material Stainless Steel, Brass & Rubber